An internship period with the BDRI offers an excellent opportunity for qualified and motivated individuals to obtain field and laboratory training in marine mammal’s research methodology and analysis under the mentorship of experienced bottlenose dolphin researchers. Undergraduate and postgraduate student research projects can also be supported with boat time and office space. Undergraduate and postgraduate students can present this personal research project as their thesis work (Bachelor, Master, Diploma, etc.).

After 14 years studying cetaceans in Sardinia Island (Italy) we have decided to change the BDRI study area, moving the BDRI to the north-western coast of the Iberian Pensinsula (Galician waters, Spain). And You can be one of the few people who will have the opportunity to be a part of the starting of this new long-term research project. The BDRI offers the interns the chance to work during many steps of this new research project.

During all the work you will be working side by side with me, the chief biologist, and other experienced researchers.  As an internship, you will be encouraged to work hard and gain an insight of what it is actually like to work as a marine mammal researcher. An academic background in biology or natural science, coupled with motivation, willingness to work hard and interest in marine mammal’s research make the most qualified individuals. Your participation means that you will not only be observing the studied animals at sea, but you will also be collecting different types of data, using various scientific methods, and helping on board the research vessel in general. When back in the lab, you will participate in the transcription of the collected data, with the database work, you will use various software’s, perform photo-identification analysis and more.

This is a unique opportunity for you to step right into and experience what real life cetacean research means, it is an incredible experience that will not only set you apart from the crowd on your resume, it will allow you to develop an array of valuable skills beyond that of a typical internship.

Internships require a minimum of 60 days commitment. Read through the information package carefully for more information and to find out how to successfully apply for the program. In the application form, indicate which your preferred period and dates of participation are.

Download the complete information package and application form bellow:

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The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute is a marine science centre for Research, Education and training in cetaceans’ ecology and behaviour. Students and volunteers can participate in hands-on research on wild bottlenose dolphins and other cetaceans along the north-western coast of Iberian Peninsula (Galicia, Spain). The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute offers through the Internship, Volunteer and Field research Course programs hands-on experience in marine mammal research, boat based field work, intensive training and mentoring in marine ecology. It is a great opportunity for interested individuals to go abroad and participate in the BDRI programs during their gap year or to learn about cetacean’s ecology and behaviour during the holidays. The education and training programs will all take part on the north-western coast of the Iberian Peninsula (Galicia, Spain), a true marine biologist’s paradise. Any reproduction of the photographs, art, or other contents is prohibited without written permission.


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