Adopt a dolphin for the dolphin-lover in your life

Contribute to valuable scientific research about free-swimming dolphins and join the efforts to protect dolphins around the world.

For a small contribution to BDRI, you will be able to adopt a dolphin. If you want to go a step further, you can even name your very own bottlenose dolphin for yourself or a family member or friend.


Each adoption costs 50.00€ and lasts for one year. Check the dolphins that are available for adoption. Each dolphin naming costs 200.00€ the first year (next years are like a normal dolphin adoption) and that name is permanently entered into BDRI’s database. After being named, that dolphin will then enter our adoption program as a new biography.


Both packets include a personalised adoption certificate including a photo of your adopted (or named) dolphin, a Bottlenose dolphin fact sheet, biographies of your adopted dolphin, information about your adopted dolphin and BDRI's research, 1 Bottlenose Dolphin soft toy, 1 BDRI's T-shirt, a recording with dolphins sounds, and the BDRI's wallpaper.


Adopt a dolphin


Proceeds from the Adopt a Dolphin program are used to support BDRI's scientificl research and conservation programs that aim to study and protect dolphins and other threatened marine mammal species.


The dolphins available for adoption are known individually through their natural markings in their dorsal fin and have been identified through BDRI researchers, a long term bottlenose dolphin research program in Galician waters (Spain). Researchers have named and constructed life histories for over 100 individual dolphins since 2014. You can adopt or give a new name to one of the Galician' dolphins and gain a window into their watery world, and learn about their personality traits.


The BDRI began the Adopt A Dolphin program in 2005 as a means for public involvement and to generate support for our research programs. Your support will help us continue our marine research and conservation programs. Here are the names of some bottlenose dolphins often seen during our research season.


To adopt a dolphin dowload our Application Form, fill it out, and send it in to us by email.


The money raised through our adoption scheme goes towards the research of the BDRI, the pack materials are produced directly by the group itself, which means that all the profits go directly to the research effort where they are most needed.


Here are some of the resident dolphins that are available for adoption:


Adopt a Dolphin1 - No named (available to be named) Id-Code B7-2014 - An adult female often seen with her calf, or baby-sitting other calves, B7 seems very friendly, and frequently socializes with other mothers and their young 3 years old.



Adopt a dolphin2 - NAS - One of the first dolphins identified in 2014 for the BDRI. A4 is a beautiful full-sized adult male, and has been seen consistently through the years. Named by "M. García Moreno".


Adopt a dolphin3 - Michael - Michael is every dolphin's friend. Whether playing with calves, jostling with juveniles or socializing with females or males, Michael is one "cool" dolphin. Named by "United We Stand".



Adopt a Dolphin4 - No name (available to be named) Id-Code C5-2014 - A handsome juvenile male, first identified in 2014. No name is between 8-12 years old, and one of our most photogenic dolphins.



Adopt a dolphin

5 - No name (available to be named) Id-Code B6-2014- An adult female with a nickat the middle of her dorsal fin.  Gregarious and playful, often seen with other adult females.



Adoptions can be made both with credit card via PayPal (plus 3.9% of additional PayPal expenses) or on by bank transfer to:




IBAN: ES44 0238 8272 1506 0026 4463



Many thanks for your contribution to Marine Mammals Research and Conservation!


For more information about BDRI's research and conservation work, please visit our Facebook page.

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So, if you want to be a part of this unique experience and are a person who is interested in going abroad and obtaining hands-on experience in dolphins research, boat based field work, intensive training while having fun and meeting people from all over the world, then you should consider to participate in one of our programs.


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