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About Cetaceans and other marine mammals

CMMR Leviathan Chile 

European Cetacean Bycatch Campaign

Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society (Hong Kong): HKDCS is the only society dedicated to the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises of Hong Kong.

International Dolphin Watch (U.K): a non-profit organisation dedicated to the study and care of dolphins, especially their relationship with humans and the protection the marine environment for the benefit of the dolphins.

Israel Marine Mammals Research & Assistance Center IMMRAC (Israel)

Marine Connection (U.K): The Marine Connection - working globally for the welfare and conservation of all cetaceans.

Proyecto Francaustral (Uruguay)

Planet Whale

The Oceania Project (Australia): A non-profit education and research organisation dedicated to raising awareness about Cetacea and the Ocean Environment in Australia. (Demmark): a private "dolphin-adviser" for both children and adults.


Science, Education, Wildlife and Others

Biology Listing: Your wide to Biology on the Internet

Animaljobsdirect: Visit us for jobs with dogs, horses, with cats, wildlife jobs, animal charity jobs, veterinary jobs and more.

Intute: Health and Life Sciences


Study Abroad Italy: Enjoy the experience of living in Italy while you study abroad for a summer, quarter, semester or even a whole year. provides free tips on writing your CV / resume, finding a job, handling interviews, plus careers advice and a professional CV writing service.

Recycling Goods: The recycling web site designed to keep useful items out of landfill.




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The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute is a marine science centre for Research, Education and training in cetaceans’ ecology and behaviour. Students and volunteers can participate in hands-on research on wild bottlenose dolphins and other cetaceans along the north-western coast of Iberian Peninsula (Galicia, Spain). The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute offers through the Internship, Volunteer and Field research Course programs hands-on experience in marine mammal research, boat based field work, intensive training and mentoring in marine ecology. It is a great opportunity for interested individuals to go abroad and participate in the BDRI programs during their gap year or to learn about cetacean’s ecology and behaviour during the holidays. The education and training programs will all take part on the north-western coast of the Iberian Peninsula (Galicia, Spain), a true marine biologist’s paradise. Any reproduction of the photographs, art, or other contents is prohibited without written permission.


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