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The primary mission of the BDRI is supporting marine mammal research and interns training and it is carried out at the BDRI research lab, located in O Grove, in Avenida Beiramar 192, overlooking the Ría of Arousa and the island of La Toja. In our lab we study marine biodiversity and to educate scientists, students, decision-makers, and the public thanks to the cooperation with multiple partners.


The BDRI lab provides state-of-the-art equipment for in-depth research in marine mammal science. Our scientists mentor undergraduate and graduated research projects on a diverse array of marine megafauna topics. The harbour, where the BDRI research vessel is located, is at a 10-minute walk from the lab.

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There is ample space in the research lab to carry out data storage, organisation and analysis. The lab is composed of several research rooms and learning spaces: a main room with computers, a classroom with projector, and a laboratory room. The lab is equipped with computers (with research software such as office packages, image viewers and editing, GIS, photo-identification, bio-acoustics, statistics…), a library, office equipment (printers, scanners), office supplies, projectors, microscopes, magnifiers, dissecting kits, marine mammal rescue equipment, field work research equipment (binoculars, scopes, tripods, cameras, GPS, stopwatches…).


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