Become a marine mammal researcher for a day

The "Researcher for a Day" program invites individuals, families, and friends who harbor a passion for marine mammal research and conservation to immerse themselves in a day of discovery in O Grove, Galicia (NW Spain). Engage in land-based observations to witness firsthand the intricacies of bottlenose dolphin behavior, grasp the methodologies behind our study of marine mammals, and be captivated by the unwavering commitment of our team.


No prior experience is necessary to partake in this enlightening program, designed to offer a glimpse into the pioneering research and conservation endeavors undertaken at our center. It presents a remarkable opportunity for enthusiasts of marine mammals to step into the shoes of a researcher, delving into the reality of cetacean research and actively participating in hands-on exploration.


At BDRI, we're dedicated to education, marine conservation, and research, with a track record of scientific publications and public presentations. We also believe in reaching a wider audience, which is why we created programs like "Researcher for a Day" to share our knowledge with more people.


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Program structure

- Option 1: Land-based observations + Lab activities

Experience a comprehensive immersion into dolphin research with our carefully curated program. Begin with 2-3 hours of captivating fieldwork in O Grove, engaging in land-based observations to search for wild dolphins in their natural habitat. If dolphins are spotted, we'll collect data on their behaviour. Following this, spend an additional 2-3 hours in the lab with our team.

You'll gain invaluable insights as you learn the intricacies of data collection in the field and the meticulous organization and analysis of data in the lab. Our schedule typically runs from 10am to 4pm, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience throughout the day (the schedule may vary depending on seasons, weather conditions, or other factors).

Please be aware that our fieldwork is weather-dependent, and unfavorable conditions may lead to the cancellation of field surveys. Our focus may shift to lab activities during such times. Please understand that sightings of wild animals cannot be guaranteed.


- Option 2: Lab activities only

Join our research team for a hands-on experience in data organization and data analysis for research purposes. Our schedule typically runs from 10am to 4pm, offering you a comprehensive understanding of the intricate processes involved in our research endeavors (the schedule may vary depending on seasons, weather conditions, or other factors).



All staff members are fluent in English, the primary language of our research team. Additionally, some of us are proficient in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, ensuring effective communication and collaboration with individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds.



We offer the "Research for a Day" program for individuals and groups of up to four people, where participants will engage in the activities scheduled by the institute for the day. The fee is €120 for one person, with an additional €40 fee for each supplementary person (up to four people in total). For groups larger than four, please contact us at to discuss fees and arrangements.


Additionally, we provide the option to tailor the "Research for a Day" experience for individuals interested in specific topics. Please reach out to us at to inquire about fees and arrange a customized experience.


Where & When?

Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute, BDRI
Avenida Beiramar 192, 36980 O Grove, Spain

Check out how to reach O Grove here


The "Researcher for a Day" program is typically conducted on weekdays, Monday through Friday, from January to November annually. However, if you're interested in participating on a weekend or bank holiday, please reach out to us at to explore potential options and availability. We're happy to accommodate your schedule and make arrangements accordingly.


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Eligibility & Requirements

Prospective "Researchers for a Day" must meet the following criteria:

✓ Minimum age of 18. Minors may participate if accompanied by a legal guardian, who must also enroll in the program.

✓ Demonstrated motivation and keen interest in marine mammal research and conservation.

✓ Ability to work with a flexible schedule, accommodating potential changes in plans or activities.



Participants in the "Researcher for a Day" program will:

✓ Acquire insights into the ecology and behavior of marine mammals.

✓ Develop awareness of marine mammal conservation and become equipped to disseminate this knowledge.

✓ Obtain hands-on experience in both fieldwork and lab work, gaining general knowledge about dolphins, their conservation, and the marine environment.

✓ Contribute to our ongoing project and support the research and conservation efforts of marine mammals through their participation.


How to apply

  • For more information, application, and details feel free contact us at:
  • There is no deadline to apply.


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