Become a marine mammal researcher for a day

This is a great opportunity for marine mammal enthusiasts to step right into and experience what real life cetacean research means, and participate in hands-on research with free-ranging wild bottlenose dolphins along the Galician coast, in North Western Spain. The "researcher for a day" program is dedicated to individuals and families who are interested in learning about marine mammal research and conservation for one day at O Grove, Galicia (NW Spain). No specific experience is required to participate in this educational program.


The BDRI is dedicated to education, marine conservation, and research, having produced numerous scientific publications, and presented the work through frequent public and professional presentations. We understand, however, that our results and conservation strategies should be shared on a much wider scale and this is why we created programs like "Researcher for a day".


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This project offers an insight into the marine mammal research and conservation work that our centre is carrying out.


Bring your family, friends or group to learn about our research and conservation work, participate in land-based observations to study bottlenose dolphin behaviour, learn how we study marine mammals, and be inspired by the dedication of our team. The "Researcher for a day" program is ideally divided into 2-3 hours of field work in O Grove (land-based observations) and 2-3 hours of work in the lab (with our team). All members of the staff speak English as it is the language of the research team but we also speak French, Spanish, and Italian. The fee is €80 per person. You do not need to book in advance as field work is weather dependent.


The nature and demands of the role require prospective researchers for a day to meet the following criteria:

✓ Minimum age of 18 (a minor can participate as a researcher a day if accompanied by a legal guardian, typically a parent, who also enrolls in the program)
✓ A lot of motivation and interest in marine mammal research and conservation
✓ The ability to work a flexible, full-time schedule


Benefits of the program:
✓ Learn about dolphins, whales, porpoises, marine birds, and otters, behaviour and interaction with human activities
✓ Gain awareness about marine mammals and their conservation and be able to contribute by spreading this knowledge
✓ Gain experience in fieldwork and lab work, obtain general knowledge about dolphins, their conservation and the marine environment
✓ Your participation includes a donation which will help continue our project and support the research and conservation of marine mammals


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The "Researcher for a day" program can be organized during working days, usually week days, from Monday to Friday, from January to November every year. This training experience requires a participation fee of €80 per person which is used to off-set the cost of training, use of research equipment, facilities and other expenses. Participants will be responsible for their own transportation expenses to and from the research centre (O Grove, Galicia, Spain).


The fee reflects the real world costs and expenses that go into making the research program possible and the "Researcher for a day" program worthwhile. The BDRI also offers the public the option to participate in other programs, such as the internship program (minimum stay of 4 weeks, click here for more information) or the volunteering program (minimum stay of 5 days, click here for more information). Unlike many other institutes, the BDRI is an idependent research institute. This means there is limited external funding and that the "researcher for a day" fee covers the expenses derived from the volunteers’ participation as well as contributing to the overall operations of the institute. The primary focus of the BDRI is to carry out various scientific research projects and educational programs. This is reflected by the regular publication of scientific papers, supervision of numerous PhD, master and bachelor thesis projects every year and the collaboration with multiple universities and research institutions. The "researcher for a day" fee therefore does not only cover some of the expenses, but it is also a foundation that supports our ability to conduct such important research.


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